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Adaptation - Strategies for Interior Architecture and D...

1420,- Kč

Applied Akka Patterns A Hands-On Guide to Designing Di...

991,- Kč

Architectural Detail - A Visual Guide to 5000Years Buil...

579,- Kč

Cook: Practical Machine Learning with H20 Powerful, Sca...

991,- Kč

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurus

340,- Kč

Einstein?s Greatest Mistake: The Life of a Flawed Geniu...

619,- Kč

Environmental Chemistry - New Techniques and Data

3000,- Kč

Evoking Trough Design

770,- Kč

Machine Learning

419,- Kč

Meggs´ History of Graphic Design

2490,- Kč

Physical Chemistry

2020,- Kč

Prague -Time Out

359,- Kč

Quantum Mechanics: A Ladybird Expert Book

247,- Kč

Residental Interior Design

1630,- Kč


419,- Kč

Software Design Decoded - 66 Ways Experts Think

525,- Kč

Space Planning Basocs

1630,- Kč

The God Delusion

244,- Kč

The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design

1650,- Kč

The Mind--Body Problem

419,- Kč

The Power of Networks Six Principles That Connect Our L...

981,- Kč

Vlna 68-84,Mladí slovenskí architekti

590,- Kč

Weapons of Math Destruction How Big Data Increases Ineq...

357,- Kč

Why Balloons Rise and Apples Fall The Laws That Make th...

247,- Kč

Why Preservation Matters

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